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Jeremy Masters

Jeremy Masters is the co-founder and managing partner of Worklogix, a management and technology services firm specializing in enterprise application development and implementation support for HCM solutions. For 15 years, he has worked with the latest talent management and self-service functionality within the SAP ERP HCM suite, including Performance Management, Enterprise Compensation Management, ESS/MSS, Succession Planning, E-Recruiting, and the SuccessFactors cloud functionalities. He regularly presents at SAP Insider events and is also the co-author of the following SAP PRESS books: Implementing Employee and Manager Self-Services in SAP ERP HCM, SAP ERP HCM Performance Management, Enterprise Compensation Management in SAP ERP HCM, and E-Recruiting with SAP ERP HCM. You can reach him via email at jmasters@worklogix.com.

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  • Cover von Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM

    Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM ESS, MSS, and HR Renewal

    von Jeremy Masters, Brandon Toombs, Kris Bland, Justin Morgalis

    345 Seiten, gebunden, E-Book Formate: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, Online

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    Buch | E-Book

    • See how HR Renewal fits into your HR service delivery model
    • Explore the features and functionality of Employee Self-Services, Manager Self-Services, and the HR Professional role
    • Transition from the visual UI to the empowering UX
  • Cover von SAP ERP HCM Infotypes

    SAP ERP HCM Infotypes Your Quick Reference to HR Infotypes

    von Christos Kotsakis, Jeremy Masters, Venki Krishnamoorthy

    529 Seiten, gebunden, E-Book Formate: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, Online

    € 64,95

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    • Locate infotypes by SAP ERP HCM module and in numerical order
    • Get concise explanations of important infotypes' functionalities and uses
    • Learn how and when to create a custom infotype