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Martin Ullmann

Martin Ullman is an SAP Integration/Project Manager with 13 years of experience working on implementations and upgrades. His specialty is the FI module, including Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and the Public Sector vertical. He has been presenting on FI-related topics at the SAP Financials Conference since 2004, and has been writing for Financials Expert newsletter since 2003.

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  • Cover von Maximizing SAP ERP Financials Accounts Payable

    Maximizing SAP ERP Financials Accounts Payable

    von Martin Ullmann

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    • Configuration: key Accounts Payable functions for implementation teams, consultants, project managers, and end users
    • Customization: business processes, best practices, and customization options
    • Enhancement:  BTEs and BAdIs, and more.