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Yosh Eisbart

Yosh Eisbart

Yosh Eisbart began his SAP career in 1995 as a consultant for Ernst & Young (now Cap Gemini). Today, he’s Director of the SAP Service Line/SAP Consulting Services at Comsys, an IT service provider and consulting firm with headquarters in Houston, TX. During his 14 years of SAP consulting he’s worked on numerous SAP implementations across the globe and – with only few exceptions – every project has leveraged outsourcing in some capacity. Yosh is intimately familiar with the decision-making process, application, pro’s/con’s, engagement arrangements, relationship construct, etc. Yosh has been involved in both the decision on whether to employ this alternative (in numerous forms), and how it actually operates. Yosh also published on the topic of outsourcing and others multiple times (among others, for SAP NetWeaver Magazine) and speaks at conferences.

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  • Cover von SAP S/4HANA Cloud

    SAP S/4HANA Cloud Use Cases, Functionality, and Extensibility

    von Michael Jolton, Yosh Eisbart

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    • Learn what SAP S/4HANA Cloud is and how much it costs
    • Understand its use cases, from startups to large enterprises
    • Explore the best practices for a cloud ERP: finance, manufacturing, and more