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Tzanko Stefanov

Tzanko Stefanov is a principal architect at OpenText, where he is responsible for integration with SAP products. His focus has been on enabling the next generation of OpenText solutions to run on mobile devices and platforms. Prior to that, Tzanko was employed at SAP, where he worked in several different leadership roles in the areas of SAP NetWeaver and SAP CRM.

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  • Cover von SAP Web Client

    SAP Web Client A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

    von Tzanko Stefanov, Armand Sezikeye, Sanjeet Mall

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    • Build a full-fledged, enterprise-ready application using SAP Web Client
    • Explore practical examples that demonstrate SAP Web Client development concepts in a clear, easy-to-follow manner
    • Learn about BSP programming, GenIL programming, and UI configuration and personalization