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Tony de Thomasis

Tony de Thomasis is a well-known figure in the SAP community with more than 20 years of industry-related experience. He was responsible for the installation of the first R/2 system in Australia and has worked on some of the largest companies worldwide. He has helped many organizations establish and optimize their SAP Solution Manager capability as an initiative to promote SAP Best Practices and reduce support costs across a complex landscape. Tony holds a bachelor of business degree and several SAP certifications, including the SAP Technical Quality Manager Certification earned in September 2012. He is a regular presenter at SAP TechEd, SAP Australia User Group, and Mastering SAP Technologies events; a lecturer at the Victoria University of Technology; and a frequent contributor to the SAPexperts magazine. As an SAP Mentor, Tony has achieved SCN Platinum status through his series of SAP Solution Manager contributions and can regularly be spotted on YouTube interviewing several SAP technology thought leaders.

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  • Cover von Managing Custom Code in SAP

    Managing Custom Code in SAP

    von Tony de Thomasis, Alisdair Templeton

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    • Use SAP Solution Manager to monitor the amount and efficiency of custom code in your system
    • Learn how to take advantage of tools such as CCLM, SCOV, SAP Clone Finder, the Custom Development Management Cockpit, and more
    • Explore custom code best practices and reporting techniques