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Anil Babu Ankisettipalli

Anil Babu Ankisettipalli is a post graduate in computer applications and has more than 17 years of experience in developing application and technology software. Since 2010, he has designed and developed SAP HANA applications and products using predictive analytics, machine learning, and data mining algorithms. At SAP Labs, he uses data science and big data technologies within the SAP HANA platform to solve critical problems of SAP customers.

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  • Cover von SAP HANA Advanced Data Modeling

    SAP HANA Advanced Data Modeling

    von Anil Babu Ankisettipalli, Hansen Chen, Pranav Wankawala

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    • Learn how to model complex logic in SAP HANA
    • Build predictive models with R, PAL, and more
    • Use performance tuning tools to get the most out of your SAP HANA models