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Pranav Wankawala

Pranav Wankawala has more than 13 years of experience in software engineering and developing enterprise applications. He started working on SAP HANA in 2009, when it was still a research project, and designed and architected one of the first SAP products that ran on the platform. During his tenure at SAP, he lead a team of highly skilled engineers and technologists that helped SAP customers improve their day-to-day business with SAP HANA. Today, Pranav is a director of engineering at PredictSpring, a company that is revolutionizing the way mobile commerce works.

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  • Cover von SAP HANA Advanced Data Modeling

    SAP HANA Advanced Data Modeling

    von Anil Babu Ankisettipalli, Hansen Chen, Pranav Wankawala

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    • Learn how to model complex logic in SAP HANA
    • Build predictive models with R, PAL, and more
    • Use performance tuning tools to get the most out of your SAP HANA models