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Die Autoren von »SAP Cloud Platform: Cloud-Native Development«

Gairik Acharya

Gairik Acharya is a senior technical architect at IBM with more than 18 years of IT experience. He is a recognized expert in ABAP, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori, SAPUI5, SAP Cloud Platform, and SAP Mobility. Currently, he works as a key architect at the IBM SAP S/4HANA Center of Excellence group in North America, architecting solutions for several global implementations for IBM's top-tier clients. He's a certified and recognized expert in SAP application consulting and is responsible for building new capabilities within the group, including SAP Cloud Platform and blockchain. He's a frequent speaker at SAP TechEd, covering a variety of new technical areas. His sessions are always highly rated and considered to be among the most popular and appreciated. In 2017, he was selected as one of the finalists in the Google-SAP Intelligent App Challenge, where he had designed and prototyped a project management application that ran on SAP HANA, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Gairik loves to spend his free time with his wife Lipi, and his daughter Sneha. Gairik can be found on Twitter @AcharyaGairik and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/gairikacharya-2392341.

Govind Bajaj

Govind Bajaj is an SAP business intelligence solution architect with more than 15 years of IT experience in managing and delivering complex business intelligence solutions. He has worked extensively with the design and development of analytical solutions on the SAP HANA platform, both on-premise and in the cloud. His areas of interest include machine learning,integration of SAP solutions with open source technologies,and big data. Govind can be found on Twitter @probajajand on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/govind-bajaj-a5a7589.

Avijit Dhar

Avijit Dhar is working as an advisory consultant with IBM India. Avijit has more than 12 years of experience in leading the design and implementation of multiple large-scale implementations in the SAP manufacturing domain and in growing IBM’s SAP Leonardo capability. He is a subject matter expert in user experience, Internet of Things, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. Avijit was one of the top winners in the global IBM Cognitive Build Event 2016 and presented his idea to IBM CEO and other global leaders. Avijit can be found on Twitter @avijitdhar24 and on LinkedIn at www. linkedin.com/in/avijitdhar-8444859.

Anup Ghosh

Dr. Anup Ghosh is an SAP chief technology officer at the IBM Services Europe and director of enterprise application for the IBM Cloud Solution Center. With more than 23 years of experience in helping several Fortune 500 clients globally with IT transformations, Anup is an IBM distinguished engineer. He's an active researcher with a number of patents and is a regular speaker at SAP TechEd and SAPPHIRE. Anup can be found on Twitter @itsAKG and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/anupkghosh.

Asidhara Lahiri

Asidhara Lahiri is a SAP executive architect in IBM India, working for global clients in different industries like consumer products,oil and gas, airlines, and utility industries, with complex SAP implementations. She has more than 22 years of work experience, out of which 18 are with SAP. She advises client executives on digital roadmaps for their SAP landscape and is a global subject matter expert in SAP HANA in IBM. She has also led the SAP HANA competency for IBM India, designing and reviewing client architecture, defining IBM services, and growing IBM's SAP HANA capability. Asidhara has filed two patents and is a member of IBM Academy of Technology. She is also a coauthor of SAP S/4HANA: An Introduction, published by SAP PRESS. Asidhara is passionate about travel, photography, reading books,and loves unwinding with her family, including three dogs. Asidhara can be found on Twitter @AsidharaL and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/asidharalahiri.

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