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Die Autoren von »Software Update Manager (SAP SUM): Setup and Functionality «

Mark Mergaerts

Mark Mergaerts is a principal technical consultant working for Logos Consulting, a Belgian consulting company that focuses exclusively on SAP technology. Before that, he worked for SAP Belgium between 1995 and 2011. His 20 years of SAP expertise is in the areas of system administration, database management, performance, upgrades, and platform and Unicode migrations.

Bert Vanstechelman

Bert Vanstechelman is founder of and principal technical consultant at Logos Consulting, and has more than 20 years of experience in SAP Basis consulting; he has been running all kinds of SAP versions in combination with all possible databases and operating systems supported by SAP for two decades. He specializes in platform migrations, SAP release upgrades, and Unicode conversions.

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  • Cover von Upgrading SAP

    Upgrading SAP The Comprehensive Guide

    von Mark Mergaerts, Bert Vanstechelman

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    • Master the SAP upgrade process, from project management to technical steps
    • Learn how to perform AS ABAP and Java upgrades: PREPARE, SAPup, and more
    • Find out what you need to know for upgrading individual SAP components