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Die Autoren von »Transportation Management with SAP«

Bernd Lauterbach

Dr. Bernd Lauterbach is chief solution architect for SAP's industry business unit (IBU) Travel & Transportation (T&T) - Cargo&Logistics practice. He joined SAP in 1995 and works with carriers, forwarders, and other logistics companies to bring together LSP needs and SAP solution competence, in terms of customer requirements, business processes, target architectures, and software capabilities.
Before assuming his role in IBU T&T, Bernd worked for 13 years within SAP as a development/project manager, as well as a development architect in SAP TM, SAP Event Management, Auto ID Infrastructure, and SAP ERP transportation development projects.Bernd studied and received a PhD in electrical engineering from University of Bremen, Germany. 
Before working with SAP, he spent several years doing satellite electronics, C++ and Occam parallel programming for image processing, assembler programming, GIS, and auto-routing systems.

Stefan Sauer

Stefan Sauer has been with SAP since 2007. With the ramp-up of SAP Transportation Management 8.0 in 2010, he accompanied the success of the software product as an SAP TM consultant. He was involved in implementation projects in retail, rail, and ocean freight industries and participated in customer engagements in other industries such as fashion, airfreight, and manufacturing.
He supported projects both from a business process perspective by creating blueprints and implementation concepts, and from a technical perspective as the link between project and custom development. Furthermore, he worked as a trainer for SAP TM for both functional and technical training courses. Stefan is now SAP’s solution manager for the industry sector of ocean freight and port operations.

Jens Gottlieb

Dr. Jens Gottlieb received a PhD in computer science and has worked in supply chain software development for more than 19 years at SAP SE in Walldorf, Germany. He has written five books and more than 25 scientific publications in the areas of transportation management and heuristic optimization algorithms, and has edited six books. 
Jens was the development architect for the vehicle scheduling and routing optimizer and the carrier selection optimizer, which are used in SAP TM, SAP APO-TPVS, and SAP MRS. He led development projects both in SAP TM and SAP APO-TPVS and served as development manager for SAP TM. Holding the position of chief product expert, Jens works as product owner for SAP TM, where he is responsible for transportation planning and network. 

Christopher Sürie

Dr. Christopher Sürie has worked for more than 15 years as a principal consultant in supply chain optimization and transportation management at SAP Deutschland SE & Co KG in Walldorf, Germany. In this position, he has been involved in numerous international customer projects, implementing both SAP APO and SAP TM and focusing on their planning capabilities and optimization engines in production and transportation. He worked as a solution architect in several SAP TM projects and taught numerous SAP TM customer trainings. 
Before joining SAP, he worked in the department of production and supply chain management at Darmstadt University of Technology and completed his prize-winning PhD thesis in the area of production planning for process industries.

Ulrich Benz

Ulrich Benz is an SAP supply chain management specialist with a focus on SAP Transportation Management. He has been managing and advising projects in this area covering different industries for the past 11 years. In his current role as solution advisor, he supports customers’ transitions to SAP S/4HANA.

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