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Prashanth Padmanabhan

Prashanth Padmanabhan is the senior director of Solution Management in the HCM group of SAP. He is an SAP Mentor as well as a solution owner for SAP/SuccessFactors integration. Prior to January 2010, he was the global product manager for SAP Enterprise Learning, SAP’s Learning Management System (LMS). In that role, he was responsible for product strategy, design, roll out, and road mapping, leading a team out of the US, Germany, and India. In addition to this book, Prashanth has also coauthored SAP Enterprise Learning (SAP PRESS, 2009) and a self-published title, Look and Flow (Amazon, 2012). Prashanth currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    Integrating SuccessFactors with SAP

    von Donna Leong-Cohen, Chinni Reddygari, Vishnu Kandi, Venki Krishnamoorthy, Prashanth Padmanabhan

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    • Integrate SAP SuccessFactors with SAP ERP, SAP ERP HCM, and third-party applications
    • Explore SAP SuccessFactors deployment models through in-depth case studies
    • Implement SAP SuccessFactors APIs and standard integration templates