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Gerald Sullivan

Gerald Sullivan

Gerald Sullivan has a 25-year background in implementations. He has operated from the systems integrator side, but most of his experience has come from managing very large-scale SAP projects for implementing companies. Industries involved include life sciences, consumer-packaged goods, electronics, and financial services. His past experience as a professor in graduate schools of management and as a quality improvement executive contribute to a unique perspective and broad contextual knowledge of the challenges of implementation. He has a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Dr. Sullivan is the president of SAP Global Consultants, a consultancy offering project management advisory services to implementing companies. He can be reached at jerry@sapglobalconsultants.com.

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    The SAP Project More Than a Survival Guide

    von Gerald Sullivan

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    • The complete guide to SAP projects for project team members
    • Project phases, roles, and deliverables—beyond the ASAP Roadmap
    • All technical topics explained from the business perspective