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Jeffrey Garbus

Jeffrey Garbus

Jeffrey Garbus has a B.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has worked with everything from PCs to mainframes and back again. He has decades of client/server, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server experience, with a special emphasis on assisting clients in migrating from existing systems to pilot and large-scale projects with very large databases. Jeff has spoken at user conferences and user groups since the early 1990s, has written articles and columns for many magazines nationally and internationally, and has about 20 books to his name. Recently, his focus has been on database performance, tuning, monitoring, and reengineering. Jeff has been in consulting, training, and the software businesses for more than two decades. He has a demonstrated talent for staying at the leading edge of technology, as well as transferring his knowledge to others. You can contact Jeff at jeff@soaringeagle.guru.

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  • Cover von SAP ASE 16 / Sybase ASE Administration

    SAP ASE 16 / Sybase ASE Administration

    von Jeffrey Garbus

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    • Understand how SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise fits into the SAP landscape
    • Learn about all important SAP ASE administration tasks, from installation and configuration to security
    • Work with SAP ASE add-ons and tools: Resource Governor, SAP Replication Server, and more