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Andrew Worsley-Tonks

Andrew Worsley-Tonks is SAP Chief Architect and global SAP S/4HANA transformation lead for IBM Services. He has extensive experience in complex SAP upgrades, modernization, and business transformation projects. In his current role, he delivers multiple SAP S/4HANA projects while also helping existing SAP ERP customers define their SAP S/4HANA adoption strategy and business case. You can reach Andrew via Twitter @A_WorsleyTonks.

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  • Cover von SAP S/4HANA

    SAP S/4HANA An Introduction

    von Devraj Bardhan, Axel Baumgartl, Nga-Sze Choi, Mark Dudgeon, Asidhara Lahiri, Bert Meijerink, Andrew Worsley-Tonks

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    • Learn what SAP S/4HANA offers your company
    • Explore key business processes and system architecture
    • Consider your deployment options and implementation paths