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Unmesh Gandhi

Unmesh Gandhi

Unmesh Gandhi is a product manager at SAP for SAP Integrated Business Planning. He oversees product development of foundational topics like user management, performance monitoring, and job scheduling. In this role, he is responsible for working with SAP IBP customers on innovations and product roadmaps, and also leads the Scrum team. Unmesh has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. During his career at SAP, he has performed various roles like senior software developer and trainer and project manager. He has been granted three patents for his innovations and has had speaker engagements at various events such as SAP Developer Kick-Off Meeting, SAP webinars, SAP IBP Partner Workshops, and SAP IBP Customer Network Summit.

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  • Cover von User Management for SAP IBP

    User Management for SAP IBP

    von Evelyna Holban, Unmesh Gandhi

    137 Seiten
    E-Book-Formate: PDF, EPUB, Online

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    • Manage security by creating and provisioning users
    • Define permission filters, attribute permissions, and planning filters
    • Integrate SAP IBP with SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance