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Dharma Teja Atluri

Dharma Teja Atluri

Dharma Teja Atluri is an executive architect and artificial intelligence/machine learning evangelist at IBM. He has more than 18 years of experience working in advanced analytics with both SAP and non-SAP product lines. He has provided strategic direction to clients globally regarding the adoption of SAP and non-SAP advanced analytics products for artificial intelligence/machine learning operationalization, data management, information management, and analytics. He has also carried out multiple platform comparison initiatives for reporting, extract, transform load (ETL), data warehousing, and data science products across IBM, Microsoft Azure, Google, Amazon Web Services, and SAP. He has led the SAP analytics (reporting and enterprise information management) portfolio for IBM India, and designed client architectures for analytics with SAP and IBM capabilities. Dharma is an IBM master certified data scientist, architect, and technical specialist, and also an IBM thought leader certified consultant. His most recent SAP Data Intelligence sprint was featured for global consumption by clients and nominated for SAP Innovation Awards. He can be reached at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dharma.

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    SAP Data Intelligence The Comprehensive Guide

    von Dharma Teja Atluri, Devraj Bardhan, Santanu Ghosh, Snehasish Ghosh, Arindom Saha

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    • Install and configure SAP Data Intelligence in the cloud or on-premise
    • Govern, process, and orchestrate data workflows with tools like the metadata explorer and the SAP Data Intelligence modeler
    • Use machine learning, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to enrich business data