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Nicolas Alech

Nicolas Alech

Nicolas Alech is a chief expert in application lifecycle management at SAP. He owns the customer experience and solutions (CXS) test management area for ALM solutions, SAP Solution Manager, and SAP Cloud ALM. He started working in consulting and development before joining SAP in 2002. He has held various positions with a focus on ALM for largescale multinational customers. He has always had a strong focus on the testing needs of SAP customers implementing SAP solutions. Nicolas now leverages his background in working with customers in the area of testing as a product manager for test management for SAP Cloud ALM.

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  • Cover von Introducing SAP Cloud ALM for Implementations

    Introducing SAP Cloud ALM for Implementations

    von Jagmohan Singh Chawla, Wulff-Heinrich Knapp, Nicolas Alech

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    • Learn how SAP Cloud ALM accelerates cloud implementation
    • Explore preconfigured content and guided best practices
    • Walk through a project, from team setup to testing and deployment