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Carl Dannenhauer

Carl  Dannenhauer

Carl Dannenhauer joined SAP in 2020 and is currently a data scientist in the SAP Business Technology Platform design organization. He has spent his professional career fostering data-driven decisions by building advanced dashboards and generating actionable insights by analyzing user feedback. As an SAP Analytics Cloud expert his focus lies in developing effective and easy-to-use dashboards. Carl has a studies background in business informatics.

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  • Cover von SAP Analytics Cloud Performance Optimization Guide

    SAP Analytics Cloud Performance Optimization Guide

    von Erik Bertram, Carl Dannenhauer, Melanie Holzapfel, Sandra Loop, Stephanie Range

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    • Optimize the performance of SAP Analytics Cloud applications and dashboards
    • Enhance the way story builder and analytics designer apps run, build efficient models, and make backend improvements
    • Learn to measure, test, and monitor performance