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Ilona Eirich

Ilona Eirich

Ilona Eirich is a seasoned professional with nearly 20 years of experience at SAP, specializing in SAP PLM since 2016. As a senior development manager for SAP Enterprise Product Development, she plays a crucial role in promoting operational excellence and implementing delivery excellence across social media, go-to-market strategies, and customer onboarding experiences. She has made significant contributions to enhancing engineering practices within the PLM domain, particularly in areas such as quality. Ilona's successful management of strategic projects and leadership of cross-functional teams have resulted in the delivery of innovative solutions.

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  • Cover von Introducing SAP PLM in the Cloud

    Introducing SAP PLM in the Cloud

    von Eudes Canuto, Carsten Dietze-Selent, Ilona Eirich, Ismail Serin

    112 Seiten
    E-Book-Formate: PDF, EPUB, Online

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    • Discover product development with cloud PLM
    • Explore functionality for defining, developing, and delivering new products
    • Learn how SAP PLM integrates with SAP S/4HANA