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Martin Bachmann

Martin Bachmann

Martin Bachmann received his degree in mechanical engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen/Nurnberg and joined SAP in 1997 as a developer in the area of SAP PLM. Through various positions in consulting and product management for SAP PLM, SAP API Management, SAP Gateway, and SAP Event Mesh, he gained additional insights in customers’ processes and trends in enterprise software. After heading the product management for SAP Event Mesh at SAP SE in Walldorf, Germany he is now working on the topic of the Digital Thread as part of SAP PLM.

Karsten Strothmann

Karsten Strothmann

Karsten Strothmann is a product manager and evangelist for SAP Event Mesh at SAP SE in Walldorf, Germany. He has more than 22 years of experience in the software industry, 20 of which are at SAP. Karsten currently works on event-driven architectures in general, with a focus on extensions and integrations on SAP Business Technology Platform. Previously, Karsten worked on SAP Gateway, a synchronous technology for extending and integrating SAP backends, from the early stages of its development through to its fruition. During his career, he has applied himself to highly varied roles, from product management, to development, to quality assurance, to consulting. This has given him a holistic view of both software creation and software usage. Karsten holds a master’s degree in computer science from Technical University Dortmund, Germany.

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  • Cover von SAP Gateway und OData

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    878 Seiten, gebunden
    E-Book-Formate: PDF, EPUB, Online

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