Monitor security alerts and manage threats in your SAP landscape!

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SAP PRESS, ISBN 978-1-4932-2552-1

Stay ahead of cybersecurity vulnerabilities with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection. Learn to set up and use standard and nonstandard logs to analyze risks in your SAP environment. Review attack detection patterns and create your own custom patterns based on log data. Get tips for managing, evaluating, and responding to security alerts. Safeguard your SAP system and applications with this hands-on E-Bite!

  • Use standard and nonstandard logs in SAP Enterprise Threat Detection
  • Activate attack detection patterns and learn to create custom patterns
  • Analyze, investigate, and resolve alerts
Mercedes Barrachina Fernandez is the SAP innovation lead for IBM Security and has been in that role since 2018. She has a master of science degree in telecommunications engineering from the University of Malaga, developed her master’s thesis in the German Aerospace Center (DLR), holds a bachelor of science degree and a doctorate degree in economics, and has completed several SAP training courses, including SAP Process Control, SAP Risk Management, SAP Fraud Management, SAP Access Control, and SAP HANA.
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Porträt des Autors (mit Produktbezug)
Porträt des Autors (mit Produktbezug)
Porträt des Autors (mit Produktbezug)

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