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Satish Badgi

Satish Badgi

Satish Badgi has been involved in global SAP SuccessFactors implementations over the last five years. At SHAPEiN, he continues to implement successful large-scale global cloud HR and payroll platforms. Prior to that, he has been in the SAP ERP HCM and payroll market for more than 15 years, assisting large-scale client implementations with complex integrations.

Imran Sajid

Imran Sajid

Imran Sajid is Director of HCM Solution Management at SAP based in Atlanta, Georgia. He considers himself to be a voice of the customer inside SAP, where he works on strategic solution management with a focus on global payroll. In previous roles, he has worked on implementations, provided post-go-live support, and trained dozens of customers/partners across most industries. He has published multiple books on SAP SuccessFactors and been a frequent contributor in SAP Experts, where he has published a dozen articles. He has spoken at major SAP conferences and events across the world. He is certified in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management, and SAP Payroll. He graduated from the Georgia State University Robinson College of Business with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Imran can be found on Twitter @ImranSajidSAP.

Dries Smit

Dries Smit

Dries Smit is an SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central consultant. His key duties include configuring, implementing, and supporting SAP Employee Central Payroll systems and integrating Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll or SAP ERP systems.

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