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Sandip Dholakia

Sandip Dholakia

Sandip Dholakia works as a principal security architect at SAP in the Global Security Group. He’s an information security professional with experience in various security domains and industries, from manufacturing to high-tech. Before joining SAP, Sandip was an information security architect for Cisco’s InfoSec Group, where he focused on application, product, and vendor security for Cisco’s business- and customer-driven portfolios. Sandip has also worked as a security architect and compliance leader at General Motors, where he supported end-to-end security activities for a large functional unit.
Sandip has published papers about SAP security topics, including log management, zero-trust architecture, encryption, and security configuration. He has presented at numerous conferences, holds a US patent for an anti-theft algorithm, and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with dual master’s degrees in software engineering and information systems management. He holds CISSP, CCSP, CCSK, and AWS security certifications. You can find Sandip on Twitter @iSandipd. 

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    Modern Cryptography The Practical Guide

    von Sandip Dholakia

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    • Use symmetric and asymmetric cryptography to protect your data
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    • Learn about homomorphic encryption, post-quantum encryption, cloud encryption, and other applications of modern cryptography