Die Autorin von »Optimizing Value Flows with SAP ERP«

Andrea Hölzlwimmer

Andrea Hölzlwimmer has more than ten years of professional experience in industry and consulting. Currently, Andrea is a manager at J&M Management Consulting. Together with J&M, her job in projects is to contribute a pragmatic, value flow-oriented approach with the goal of using innovative ideas to open new avenues and possibilities.

Her career path has been somewhat unusual: after coursework in vocational training and a degree in business, she began her first employment with a well-known international consumer goods manufacturing company. The main focus of her work at that time was on international SAP rollouts, setting up shared services centers for finance, and supporting users throughout Europe in the area of external accounting.

When she changed to consulting, Andrea added Controlling to her range of specializations. Specifically, integrated value flows became a particular area of expertise during her work in several national and international projects for both multinational and mid-sized companies. She was attracted to this area by her desire to connect specialized, process-oriented consulting and technical solution know-how, all on a cross-module basis.

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  • Cover von Integrierte Werteflüsse mit SAP ERP

    Integrierte Werteflüsse mit SAP ERP

    von Andrea Hölzlwimmer

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    • Alle finanzrelevanten Prozesse in Beschaffung, Vertrieb und Produktion
    • Integration von FI/CO mit MM, PP und SD
    • 3., aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage
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    E-Book-Formate: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, Online

    € 79,90

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    • Customizing und Anwendung von CO-PC an einem durchgängigen Praxisbeispiel erläutert
    • Kalkulationsvarianten, Produktkostenplanung, Kostenträgerrechnung und Reporting
    • Informationen zur Produktkostenrechnung mit SAP S/4HANA, zur Integration mit CO-PA u. v. m.