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Ravi Kashyap

Ravi Kashyap

Ravi Kashyap is a certified Microsoft Azure architect and currently works at Microsoft as an architect and customer advocate for SAP systems on Microsoft Azure. Ravi has worked with SAP systems throughout his career, as an SAP migration lead, SAP managed services lead, and SAP cloud architect, in large and small consulting companies and for a variety of clients across multiple industries. He believes that subject expertise is only half the battle—to be a trusted advisor, you must also understand customer behavior and know how to ask the right questions.

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  • Cover von SAP on AWS

    SAP on AWS Architecture, Migration, and Operation

    von Ravi Kashyap, Rajendra Narikimelli, Rozal Singh

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    • Get to know Amazon Web Services offerings for SAP landscapes
    • Design a target cloud architecture, understand migration tools and approaches, and build a resilient SAP cloud environment on AWS
    • Operate SAP systems on AWS and transform SAP workloads with cloud-native services