Die Autoren von »Testing SAPUI5 Applications«

Arnaud Buchholz

Arnaud Buchholz

Arnaud Buchholz is a development expert at SAP, with a focus on designing, developing, and enhancing SAPUI5 applications. He has more than 20 years of experience in software development.

Ian McCallum

Ian McCallum

Ian McCallum is an executive advisor for project success at SAP America. He has worked as a solution engineer and architect at SAP and led several SAP projects in participation with SAP partners. He is also the founder of a small start-up focused on SAP Cloud Platform and SAPUI5 application development. His varied experiences building business systems has reinforced the need to rapidly develop high-quality applications and extensions, leading to a long-time interest in automated testing.

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    Clean SAPUI5 A Style Guide for Developers

    von Daniel Bertolozi, Arnaud Buchholz, Klaus Haeuptle, Rodrigo Jordão, Christian Lehmann, Narendran Natarajan Vaithianathan

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    • Learn to write readable and maintainable SAPUI5 code
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    • Create descriptive program names, write strong comments, and format code correctly