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John Jordan

John Jordan

John Jordan is the founder and principal consultant at ERP Corp, which provides SAP consulting and training services, particularly in the area of Financials and Controlling. He is the author of the successful Production Variance Analysis for SAP Controlling and has written several articles for the SCM Expert and Financials Expert newsletters.

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    Controlling with SAP 100 Things You Should Know About...

    von John Jordan

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    Buch | E-Book

    • Provides 110 little-known, time-saving tips and tricks
    • Features step-by-step instructions and guiding screenshots
    • Helps you use the Controlling component in SAP more effectively
    • Expanded second edition
  • Cover von Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

    Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

    von John Jordan

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    • Master production variance analysis in Controlling (CO) with SAP
    • Reveal breakdown points in your company's performance and explore how these processes can be improved
    • Learn how to make production processes more efficient to positively impact your bottom line
    • Second edition, updated and revised